Shannimals were first inspired by the birth of our daughter. My husband and I were looking for unique, interesting, and locally made toys that were also fashionable for us to display. My first Shannimal was the first sewing project I had ever made. The outcome was pretty successful and a huge hit with my daughter. I made more and gained interest from friends, which expanded from there.

Now Shannimals are found in boutiques here in Canada and are sold online through my Etsy Shop. You can also contact me directly to have something custom made.

The birth of our son also brought changes and inspiration to Shannimals. He was born early, and oh so small. It was a tough time for our family but inspired me to make teeny Shannimals called Shannismalls.


Shannimals are made with a variety of different materials to create interest and sensory exploration. Black and white striped cotton is always used somewhere on a Shannimal but you’ll also see chenille, fleece, and ever changing designs and patterns. Limited material is part of what keeps Shannimals unique to each design. Only a few are made until the design is retired and I move on to something new.

Shannimals are constantly changing and I have new ideas almost daily. I’ve created more designs than I can remember but I always document past projects, which, I will share here for inspiration.

Not many creatures or concepts are off limits, just ask for something custom to suit your needs.



April 2021

For those of you who need a Shannimal right NOW ready-to-go designs are being posted every week on facebook and instagram. All of the designs made during this time will be available for immediate delivery or pick up options. The designs change weekly and they are popular!

I recently had some new tags made for Shannimals that are made out of 100% recycled clothing. These new tags also have a new design; my favourite black and white stripes on the back and Shannimal eyes on the front.


All Shannimals are hand filled with hypoallergenic fluff, hand embroidered, and individually put together. Check my Etsy shop for this new design.




This Shannimal pictured above is ready-to-go! It has a soft blush pink floral material paired with a playful cotton cactus accent fabric. For a more detailed look at this design and to purchase, please click here

This beaver is on the ready-to-go list! The beaver has a special big tail with a textured diamond pattern. This design will be available online soon at my Etsy shop.Shannimals




Spring is coming this month and therefore everything changes, right? March in Canada is a month filled with beautiful warm temperatures followed by a blizzard. Here are two designs representing the cold winter temperatures we're still experiencing and the warm spring days in between. Both of these characters are currently available and delivery is always free!

Check my Etsy shop for Shannimal designs and much more!


Something I'm working on, can you tell what it is?


A recent trip to the fabric store had me bringing back a variety of different materials I'm already starting to dive into.