Shannimals were first inspired by the birth of our daughter. My husband and I were looking for unique, interesting, and locally made toys that were also fashionable for us to display. My first Shannimal was the first sewing project I had ever made. The outcome was pretty successful and a huge hit with my daughter. I made more and gained interest from friends, which expanded from there.

Now Shannimals are found in boutiques here in Canada and are sold online through my Etsy Shop. You can also contact me directly to have something custom made.

The birth of our son also brought changes and inspiration to Shannimals. He was born early, and oh so small. It was a tough time for our family but inspired me to make teeny Shannimals called Shannismalls.


Shannimals are made with a variety of different materials to create interest and sensory exploration. Black and white striped cotton is always used somewhere on a Shannimal but you’ll also see chenille, fleece, and ever changing designs and patterns. Limited material is part of what keeps Shannimals unique to each design. Only a few are made until the design is retired and I move on to something new.

Shannimals are constantly changing and I have new ideas almost daily. I’ve created more designs than I can remember but I always document past projects, which, I will share here for inspiration.

Not many creatures or concepts are off limits, just ask for something custom to suit your needs.



March 2018

New creatures are ready to be uploaded to my Etsy shop including some new pup designs and lots of bunnies in time for Easter! I will put a rush on Easter orders at this point because the day is approaching fast. I'm also working on some very different Shannimal designs to help celebrate the coming of Spring.

To the left is a pointy eared pup with lovely neutral grey patterns. Above are a brown and orange floppy eared pup, pea green bunny with cactus pattern, and a black bunny with "happy" eyes. Below, the all pink bunny is so soft, and so pink, and the black and white bunny has a playful elephant design and watermelon ribbon!



Sunday April 1, 2018

Easter is the next big event in Shannimal land. I've made tons of beautiful and fun bunnies in the past and I've had some fantastic custom orders of chickens, goats, cats, puppies, and so many more. Last year I made my daughter and son my first lion and goat respectively. The fluffy mane and ridiculous beard on the goat were both well enjoyed.



Please get your orders in soon if you're interested in having a custom order made. Making all these creatures can get busy!

To the right is an image of the Shannismalls. These guys are special and aren't available online as of yet. If you'd like a custom Shannismall, please send me a PM!