Shannimals were first inspired by the birth of our daughter. My husband and I were looking for unique, interesting, and locally made toys that were also fashionable for us to display. My first Shannimal was the first sewing project I had ever made. The outcome was pretty successful and a huge hit with my daughter. I made more and gained interest from friends, which expanded from there.

Now Shannimals are found in boutiques here in Canada and are sold online through my Etsy Shop. You can also contact me directly to have something custom made.

The birth of our son also brought changes and inspiration to Shannimals. He was born early, and oh so small. It was a tough time for our family but inspired me to make teeny Shannimals called Shannismalls.


Shannimals are made with a variety of different materials to create interest and sensory exploration. Black and white striped cotton is always used somewhere on a Shannimal but you’ll also see chenille, fleece, and ever changing designs and patterns. Limited material is part of what keeps Shannimals unique to each design. Only a few are made until the design is retired and I move on to something new.

Shannimals are constantly changing and I have new ideas almost daily. I’ve created more designs than I can remember but I always document past projects, which, I will share here for inspiration.

Not many creatures or concepts are off limits, just ask for something custom to suit your needs.



June 2018

The Beeimal is here! This lovely critter is sporting six legs, four wings, a teeny stinger and antennae. The black fabric is soft chenille, contrasting the cotton black and yellow stripes.

I always tell my daughter how important bees are to all the flowers and veggies we plant so this design was an instant hit with her.


All Shannimals are hand filled with hypoallergenic fluff, hand embroidered, and individually put together. There is a lot of detail in this design and needless to say, six legs and four wings were tricky to compose all together. Check my Check my Etsy shop for this new design.




The wings are white cotton with quilted details. They are plush to the touch and fun to move.Shannimals



Spring is a great time for something new. Here at Shannimals I'm always coming up with new ideas and I love taking on different concepts.


The Beeimal is a big deal for the Spring but so is the Pigimal and beautiful bright, new fabrics to help inspire those seasonal changes.


Check my Etsy shop for these designs and much more!



The Lionimal also got a makeover and is now sporting a fancy new mane, complete with a luxurious beard! I did this design for a custom order and my daughter loved it so much I had to make her one too.


Paring custom paintings with Shannimal creatures is something else that's in the works. I'll post updates on this project while I'm working!